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Have you ever wondered where the #NoDogLeftBehind came from for the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team? During our interview with Brad Childs, our Regional Vice President of Eyetique, he shared the inspiring story behind this famous hashtag. Just in case you missed our last blog, The Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team is a special organization that answer calls from shelters across the nation to rescue animals by plane or van that are in danger of being euthanized. Brad shares the tale of how #NoDogLeftBehind became their motto and standard behind ever rescue mission.

“The #NoDogLeftBehind was inspired by us looking at each mission and asking ourselves the question “what if we don’t go?” What would happen to those animals? It became a central theme that inspired each mission. The idea was that each mission, and each animal, represents an opportunity to change the life of that person who ends up adopting that animal. In the beginning, we were always faced with the possibility that we could not fit all animals in our first plane. There were times when we would have to leave a dog behind but would promise the shelter we would come back for that one dog later on. No Dog Left Behind became our unofficial motto between Jonathon and myself. We were desperate to get that domain name, but it was already registered. Since the domain name was never used, we emailed the contact person who owned the name and finally, after a year of trying to contact her, she answered. She explained that the name was supposed to be used for a woman who was passionate about animal rescue. Unfortunately, she died before she could build her website around the name. We offered to buy the domain name from her but she turned us down. We then asked her to watch our rescue mission videos to show how PAART makes a daily impact on animals, people, and shelters. A few months later, she sent an email that said she was so moved by our mission that she felt the woman who had passed away would be honored if PAART had the name. She then transferred name to us as a donation. The memory of someone who had the same passion to help animals now lives on through PAART.”

Eyetique has been involved with Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team from the very beginning. Our commitment and passion to rescue animals continues and is now a part of Eyetique’s brand identity and culture. We love to hear animal rescue stories at Eyetique. What better way to hear stories than from our beloved patients!

You can submit your animal rescue and adoption story to share on Eyetique’s website and social media channels. Eyetique will host a drawing every quarter to gift a pair of Chromos Eyewear.

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