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We are elated to share that select Eyetique stores now carry Jonas Paul Kids Eyewear collection! As you start to prep your children for the upcoming school year, we wanted to give you and your child the latest styles to shop from after their annual pediatric eye exam! Jonas Paul’s eyewear inspires children to be confident and feel empowered through their trendy eyeglasses. You will find the Jonas Paul Kids Eyewear’s styles are refined, sophisticated, and stylish for any child to wear.



All of Jonas Paul’s styles are unisex for both boys and girls with an assortment of classic, colorful, and trendy designs for all ages. Not only is the Jonas Paul Kids Eyewear collection fashionable, but each pair has kid-friendly benefits that make your life easy as a parent. 

  • Adjustable Comfort Tip – Hypoallergenic, flexible comfort tips that can be easily adjusted without heat.
  • Durable, Flexible Spring Hinges – Spring hinges to withstand little ones “not so gentle” hands.
  • BPA Free Cellulose Acetate – BPA free cellulose acetate to ensure the safety of children and protect the environment.
  • Global Fit Nose Pads – Designed to fit children and ensure our frames rest comfortably.


Inspiration Behind Jonas Paul 

Ben and Laura Harrison founded Jonas Paul Kids Eyewear in 2013 after struggling to find a pair of eyeglasses for their son, Jonas Paul. Jonas was born with a rare disorder known as Peter’s Anomaly, which caused opacified corneas and glaucoma. After 21 surgeries, Jonas’s vision was restored to a functional level. Ben and Laura saw this as a huge blessing, but had a difficult time searching for a pair of eyeglasses that Jonas felt comfortable and confident in due to limited options. They were then inspired to launch Jonas Paul Kids Eyewear. Their eyewear designs help children to feel like themselves while being stylish! 


Buy Sight, Give Sight

For every pair of eyeglasses purchased, the Harrison family donates to CBM International. By partnering with CBM International, Jonas Paul Kids Eyewear provides an annual supply of sight-saving vitamin A supplements, easy access to clean water, and antibiotics to prevent infections that cause blindness for children in need. To date, over 47,000+ children have been given the gift of sight and health through the Jonas Paul’s Buy Sight, Give Sight Program.



Schedule your child’s eye exam before they head back to school and shop the Jonas Paul Kids Eyewear collection at one of these Eyetique locations: Cranberry, Sewickley, South Hills Village, McKnight, Stow, or Eton.