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Every year, the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (PAART) hosts its annual Dog Days of Summer Event to raise funds for animal rescue missions. On August 24th, 610 guests attended and celebrated this great organization! The night was filled with a variety of fun-filled entertainment: car and jet show; a chance to pet and play with 20 rescued puppies and kittens; and a plane ride to see Pittsburgh! Guests also participated in live auctions of artwork, sporting events, and vacations. 

These efforts plus ticket sales contributed to raising $220,000 for PAART. These charitable donations will help PAART answer calls from shelters across the nation to save animals that are in danger of being euthanized. The famous airplane isn’t just for rescuing animals, this organization also brings dog and cat food to shelters that need support. This gives underserviced animal shelters the chance to feed animals until the next rescue mission.

The Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team has rescued and saved nearly 11,000 animals nationally since being founded in 2012. The annual Dog Days of Summer Event makes it possible to ensure that no animal is left behind while educating the public on animal euthanasia. 

Check out the photos and see some of the Eyetique staff members at the Dog Days of Summer Event!