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Times have changed since Norman Childs opened his first Eyetique nearly four decades ago.

What hasn’t is a companywide commitment to being an active participant in the community, identifying how and where we can help our neighbors “see the difference.”

Today, Norman’s son and Chromos Eyewear founder Daniel Childs is carrying on that tradition of caring with the introduction of the Chromos Cares program.

Whenever you purchase a pair of Chromos Eyewear, proceeds go towards providing underprivileged elementary and middle school students in the Pittsburgh Public School system with a free eye exam and, if needed, corrective lenses.

To date, 196 exams and 172 glasses have been donated to students attending Arsenal, Arlington, Manchester, Faison, Lincoln, Miller, Weil, and Allegheny.

“I was inspired to create this program because I have always loved working with kids,” said Daniel. “After learning about the vision problems within our city schools I became passionate about getting involved and fixing it to the extent that we can.”

The American Foundation for Vision Awareness estimates that close to 25% of school age children have vision problems significant enough to impair their academic performance. Families having difficulty making ends meet aren’t always able to put resources into proper eye care. As a result, too many kids end up struggling in the classroom, or worse, giving up.

Doing what we can to help them see a brighter future is a no-brainer. It’s why we carry the entire line of Chromos Eyewear in our stores, ensuring your participation in the program is a breeze.

“A lot of kids lose out on a chance of success in school because they are misdiagnosed with a learning disability when really the issue is that they cannot see,” Daniel added. “The key is working with kids in the elementary and middle school age groups in order to curb the problem before it becomes a deterrent for real world success.”