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Love Your Eyes

EnChroma Eyewear

“Seeing the difference” goes beyond simply providing our clients with high quality eyeglass frames. As far as we’re concerned, that statement reflects a commitment to offering products and services that address a wide variety of vision issues - including...

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Chromos Cares

Times have changed since Norman Childs opened his first Eyetique nearly four decades ago. What hasn’t is a companywide commitment to being an active participant in the community, identifying how and where we can help our neighbors “see the difference.”...

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Trunkshow: Face a Face

Some fashion statements were meant to be punctuated with exclamation points. It’s one of the reasons we carry the Paris-based Face a Face brand. Established in 1995, each frame is created with the intention of revealing your unique personality through...

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EnChroma Eyewear Reveal!

Three area residents saw life in a new light after being randomly selected to receive a pair of EnChroma’s new Cx Lenses as part of its nationwide Color for All Campaign. Our Squirrel Hill location was buzzing with activity on June 3 with local media...

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Importance of Sunglasses

Sunglasses should be more than just a fashion statement. According to the Mayo Clinic, UV exposure has shown to contribute to the development of certain types of cataracts, growths on the eye, and possibly macular degeneration. There’s never been a better...

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